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On-Site First Aid & Medical Facilities

HTS First Aid Facilities are optimal for construction sites, refineries, or any project with short-term or long-term on-site medical needs.  Our facilities are fully customizable to fit all project-specific needs. 


HTS staff will work collaboratively with labor and management to: Identify potential hazards and to find ways to prevent, eliminate, minimize, or reduce hazards; Develop and manage training programs to promote workplace health and safety;  Enhance the accuracy of OSHA record-keeping.


Staffing Availability:


NP     PA     RN     LPN     LVN     Paramedic     EMT     MA     WC Case Managers     Administrators




Pre-placement (post offer) physical examinations

Job placement assessments

Periodic examinations

Medical clearance for wearing of respirators

Mandatory screening/testing, such as:

    Hearing Tests, Respirator Fit Tests, Vision Screening

Maintenance of confidential employee health records

Manage and/or treat work-related illnesses and injuries with emphasis on early recognition and intervention

Make recommendations about work restrictions or removal

Follow-up and monitor workers as they return to work

Develop and implement health promotion programs

Provide guidance for case management of employees who have prolonged or complex illnesses and injuries

CPR certified personnel

First responders